Hair Transplantation with FUT Technique in Delhi

The plastic & cosmetic surgery procedure becoming a prominent one in the countries like India and the procedure of hair transplant is one of the most chosen decisions taken by the surgeon to provide the natural hair back to the hair loss patients. It has been reported medically that the transplantation procedure is one of the most reliable and natural surgical procedure that facilitates the transferring of hair roots from their donor location to the recipient one in a view of covering the no hair zone with a head full of hair. The procedure must be performed by the expert Surgeon in order to achieve the most aesthetic outcomes of the procedure as there is mandatory to know about the natural shifting of hair roots with the natural hairline design as according to the patient’s age, sex & facial profile.

There are two scientifically proven techniques hair transplant london are popular in the hair transplant world, namely the FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplant. It has been proved that the technique of FUT is compatible and only one option in the restoration world that gives only and only the permanent long lasting hair roots as the procedure is done by the strip excision from the safe donor area. The safe donor area of the scalp is usually from the back & sides of the scalp, namely the occipital & parietal part of the scalp, which contains the DHT-resistant hair roots as these hair roots doesn’t show the miniaturization effect caused by the DHT hormone and to hence never falls or shrink and remains forever on the scalp. The back & sides of the scalp are primarily used in the hair transplant procedure to assure about the permanent long lasting hair roots. The expert Surgeon only focuses on this technique in order to achieve the aesthetic outcome of the procedure.

Nowadays, the hair transplant in Delhi is becoming the best choice all over the world due to the presence of a number of Clinics in the capital of India and the point to be considered that most of the reputed and recognized clinics are there I the South Delhi, that has a remarkable presence in the hair restoration world for offering the aesthetic results of the procedure on a number of patients across the globe.


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